Doha Fashion Fridays co-founder Aparna Jayakumar at Qatar Photography Center


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Qatar Photography Center
Doha, Qatar
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Aparna Jayakumar, co-founder and leading photographer of the Doha Fashion Fridays project. Her presentation at the Qatar Photography Center is open to local photographers who are interested in learning more about participating in the future of Doha Fashion Fridays. Aparna will present the genesis and the project’s ethos, its challenges and triumphs. She will also highlight the photographic strategies that have been used consistently throughout this project to celebrate the individuality within Qatar’s migrant communities through the lens of photography and fashion.

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Tasweer Festival begins a long-term partnership with the Doha Fashion Fridays and is committed to support the project’s creative expansion. This lecture attempts to connect local photographers with the project and the team behind it and open the possibilities of growing this landmark project together.


Image: Aparna Jayakumar

About Aparna Jayakumar

Aparna Jayakumar is an Indian photographer who is internationally recognized for her multivalent photographic practice that straddles her art practice, editorial storytelling and commercial image-making. Jayakumar studied photography, film and art history in India and Greece. Since the 2000s, she has been an esteemed stills photographer on Bollywood film sets, also creating visual campaigns for India’s most successful cultural exports. Jayakumar’s independent photography projects narrate human stories. Jayakumar is also a skilled educator and has initiated community outreach programs using photography wherever she has lived, including in Qatar. In 2017, she began her collaboration with Khalid Albaih, photographing and interviewing migrant workers about their fashion style, and forming Doha Fashion Fridays.