2022 Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Single Image Award Winners

The winners of the 2022 Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Single Image Award were announced in March 2022 following an open call for submissions that took place in October 2021.

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Roisin Tapponi, Habibi Collective

2022 Award Winners


Raghda Khairy

'Raghda’s work addresses the terms “Attraction” and “Repulsion”. It circles around indoor spaces, spontaneity, intimacy, femininity, connections, and relationships and her photography featured on Photo Vogue Italia in 2021.'


Adriane de Souza

'Adriane works as a facilitator in several educational projects, reflecting on freedom and encouraging others to search for their path through photography.'


Murtadha Adnan AlHassan

'Murtadha is a photographer and content creator who seeks experiences and stories that are a source of inspiration.'


Hallouli Mohamed Ameur

'Hallouli is a 27 years old, Tunisian photographer specialized in street photography.'


Hani Hamdan Alsuleimani

'Hani Hamdan is interested in photography and documenting the lives of people in the Sultanate of Oman since 2013 and has received local awards within Oman.'


Muhammed Mostafa

'Muhammed worked on several artistic projects, most notably mixing fashion photography and street photography in a professional manner.'


Ryan Brand

'Ryan Brand is a Canadian-born photographer and product designer based in Occupied Palestine. Over the past eight years, Ryan has focused on photographing the everyday for Palestinians living under occupation.'


Dima Assad

'Dima Assad (b. 1995) is a Jordanian photographer based in Kuwait. Her photo-essays examine social narratives, raising questions of identity and belonging.'


Salman Faris

'Photography and participating in sports are two of my favorite hobbies. My accomplishments have yet to be documented.'


Aya Muhammed

'Aya Muhammed (b.1998, Cairo, Egypt) is a fine arts graduate with an animated passion for photography and painting; the two kind of mediums she prefers to help tell her visual stories best.'


Khalid Alrawahi

'Khalid grew up around cameras his whole life. When his father bought him his first DSLR he started to fall in love with this medium. There are many filed in photography that attracts him especially documenting people in the street or even in their environment.'