Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Single Image Award 2021

The Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Award was first announced in 2001 as a platform to support photographers. The award was relaunched by Tasweer in its inaugural year of 2021, with the Saoud bin Mohammed Al-Thani Foundation, as annual open call to photographers in Western Asia and North Africa (WANA), continuing its journey of celebrating and nurturing photographic talent. In October 2020, Tasweer announced the open call for applications to this single image award application and announced the awards jury and curators – the Photo Art Qatar collective; Adriane de Souza, Ammar Alqamash, Latifah Aldarwish, and Shaima Ayoub. Their selection of the 10 award-winning single images are shown here.

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A pair of high-heeled white leather women's boots positioned on rocks by the sea.

Alanoud Alghamdi

A photo of a person's shadow as they stand in goal with a ball bouncing towards them.

Heriadi Joewono

A photo of a female with white and blue fabric wrapped around them standing against a light blue background.

Israa Al Balushi

A black and white photo of a woman standing behind a length of patterned fabric.

Javid Tafazoli

A woman sites under a wooden structure covered in plastic and a rug, in a landscape.

Mohammad Sawari

A man with a beard and dark hair, sits surrounded by four young children.

Mohammed AlHajri

A view of a man riding on a camel as he drives a large herd of camels forward.

Mohammed Nageeb Nasr

Three young men lassoing a horned cow, while standing in a cloud of rising dust.

Noufal Alruziqi

An older woman sits at a low table with a cup and teapot, facing an empty chair with a hat on the seat.

Omar Alsarori

A young man sits collecting saffron stems in a meadow filled with purple crocus flowers.

Tamim Ahmad Baba

Tasweer was created to champion the medium of photography and will serve as a resource for artists in Qatar and the region. The development of this platform builds on the efforts of the past. The incorporation of the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani photography awards as part of this initiative is to increase the visibility of the talents that we have, and invest in the ecosystem for creative growth. The first photography award in Qatar was established more than twenty years ago — and as we look forward, we will continue to grow our collections and to support aspiring photographers and collectors.

– Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani