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As part of a series of live, online conversations in the final week of Tasweer 2023, Shaima Ayoub has drawn together a constellation of talented and dedicated contributors to the cultural life of photography.  In this conversation, Founder and Director of Women Alternative Photography Group (WAPG) - Elizabeth Ransom – describes her life and creative journey and the imperatives of creating cultural narratives in photography that take account of the diversity of its practices, including the profound impact of migration upon the visual stories of photography.

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About Shaima Ayoub:

Shaima Ayoub is a photographer and image-maker from London, currently living and working in Doha. Holding a BA in Fashion Communication from Middlesex University, with a focus on image-making, she went on to receive an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice from UCL. Working with both still and moving image, her work was most recently on display in Saudi Arabia. In 2021, Shaima curated and edited Without Further Ado, a zine celebrating Tasweer’s inaugural Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Awards.

About Elizabeth Ransom:

Elizabeth Ransom is the Founder and Director of Women Alternative Photography Group (WAPG) and is co-author of the recently published Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Changes in Policy and Practice report from Fast Forward: Women in Photography. She is a PhD candidate at the University for the Creative Arts researching the impacts of migration on women alternative photographers. Ransom is an adjunct professor at Western Washington University in the Art and Art History Department and runs workshops at The Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle and The Schack Art Center in Everett. As an artist, Ransom takes from her own lived experiences of migration to explore homesickness and transnationality. Ransom’s research builds on theories of migration, place attachment, and declarative episodic memory, particularly from the perspective of the migrant woman. Her work has been exhibited internationally in the UK, India, Mexico, China, and the US.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Elizabeth Ransom