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We are on the lookout for innovative presenters who can provide valuable education and experiences to our photography community both virtually and in person. If you have valuable discussion topics, particular photographic technical skills, unique photographic or image making techniques we want to hear from you!

How to Apply: Interested individuals should complete the online application form.

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Suggested Photography Workshop Topics

1. **Portrait Photography Workshop**: Master the art of capturing stunning portraits and learn about lighting, composition, and posing techniques.

2. **Landscape Photography Retreat**: Explore breathtaking landscapes while refining your skills in capturing nature's beauty.

3. **Street Photography Tour**: Embark on an urban adventure, honing your skills in capturing candid moments and street scenes.

4. **Wildlife Photography Expedition**: Get up close to nature's finest creatures and learn how to photograph wildlife in their natural and/ or man-made habitats.

5. **Studio Lighting Masterclass**: Dive into the world of controlled lighting setups to create impactful studio shots.

6. **Travel Photography Workshop**: Learn to tell compelling stories through your travel photos, while immersing yourself in different cultures.

7. **Macro Photography Seminar**: Discover the intricate details of small subjects and unlock the world of macro photography.

8. **Astrophotography Retreat**: Capture the wonders of the night sky, from star trails to stunning Milky Way shots.

9. **Fashion Photography Intensive**: Dive into the glamorous world of fashion photography and learn how to capture stunning models and designs.

10. **Food Photography Workshop**: Delve into the art of making food look delicious and irresistible through the lens.

11. **Black and White Photography Course**: Explore the timeless elegance of black and white photography and develop your skills in monochrome composition.

12. **Drone Photography Workshop**: Take to the skies and learn to capture unique perspectives using drones.

13. **Photo Editing and Post-Processing Seminar**: Enhance your photography with expert tips on editing and retouching your images.

14. **Mobile Photography Class**: Discover the power of your smartphone camera and learn to capture stunning photos on the go.

15. **Architectural Photography Workshop**: Master the techniques for photographing stunning buildings and structures.

16. **Underwater Photography Expedition**: Dive into the depths to capture the beauty of marine life and underwater landscapes.

17. **Children and Family Photography Course**: Learn how to capture genuine moments and emotions in family and children's portraits.

18. **Documentary Photography Workshop**: Tell compelling stories through your images and learn to capture real-life events and moments.

19. **Fine Art Photography Retreat**: Elevate your photography into the realm of fine art, exploring creative and conceptual approaches.

20. **HDR Photography Workshop**: Explore high dynamic range photography techniques for stunning and vivid images.

Creative Visual Workshops:

1. **Collage Masterclass**: Explore the art of combining different images, textures, and materials to create captivating collages.

2. **Mixed Media Workshop**: Combine various artistic mediums like painting, photography, and sculpture to create multidimensional artworks.

3. **Printmaking Intensive**: Discover traditional and modern printmaking techniques to produce unique and intricate images.

4. **Experimental Photography Lab**: Push the boundaries of photography by experimenting with alternative processes, chemicals, and materials.

5. **Cyanotype Printing Workshop**: Learn the historical cyanotype process to create beautiful blue-toned prints from photographic negatives.

6. **Silkscreen Printing Workshop**: Master the silkscreen technique to produce bold and vibrant images on various surfaces, from fabric to paper.

7. **Pinhole Photography Workshop**: Build your own pinhole camera and learn to capture dreamy and unique images using this low-tech approach.

8. **Experimental Film Lab**: Create visually captivating short films using experimental techniques, editing, and effects.

9. **Sculptural Photography Fusion**: Combine photography with sculptural elements to produce three-dimensional photographic artworks.

10. **Kinetic Photography Workshop**: Explore the intersection of photography and motion, creating dynamic and moving images that are unique and engage the viewer.

11. **Digital Manipulation Masterclass**: Learn advanced Photoshop techniques to manipulate and transform images into surreal and imaginative compositions.

12. **Projection Mapping Seminar**: Use projectors to transform static surfaces into dynamic visual displays, merging art and technology.

13. **Interactive Photography Installation Workshop**: Create immersive and interactive artworks/images that respond to viewer interaction and engagement.

14. **Light Painting Experience**: Experiment with long-exposure photography and light sources to create mesmerizing light-painted images.

15. **Found Object Art Workshop**: Combine found objects and images to create thought-provoking and visually intriguing artworks.

16. **Virtual Reality (VR) Art Exploration**: Dive into the world of virtual reality to create immersive and interactive visual experiences.

17. **Nature-Inspired Image Making Retreat**: Draw inspiration from the natural world to create images using organic materials, textures, and colors.

18. **Zine Making Workshop**:
Come together to craft self- published magazines. Engage in content creation, design, layout, handcrafting techniques, binding and printing.