Photography and Zine making: Youth live zine-making workshop series with Adriane De Souza

Past Event

Photography is an excellent way of storytelling, and it can create meaningful change in our lives and our communities. In this 5-session workshop with photographer and educator Adriane de Souza, workshop participants go through the photographic steps of communicating and sharing stories.

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The group will create a collective zine rich in diverse visual perspectives using phone images, colorful pens, glue, and scissors.


Images: From the 2021 Tasweer online zine-making workshop participants

Workshop 1: Introduction to photography

23 March 2023

Our 1st meeting will be an introduction to photography. We will learn about light, composition, frame, editing, and more from workshop leader Adriane de Souza. We will also learn about different styles of photography, such as documentary, portraiture, and fashion photography. We will also talk about the topics we are most interested in exploring during the workshop sessions and begin to define the themes of our final projects.

Workshop 2:  Learning about the history of photography

30 March 2023

During our 2nd meeting, we will learn about inspirational photographers and what they do. We will learn about photographic projects that have changed our perceptions and environments. During this workshop, we will talk about how we can incorporate big ideas into our photographs and make our own contributions to changing perceptions and situations.


Workshop 3: Learning from each other

6 April 2023

Our 3rd meeting is where we share our work-in-progress with each other and also share the work of other photographers whose work we have found in our personal research and who inspire us. We support each other to carry on photographing and digging deeper into our chosen themes.

Workshop 4: Coming together

13 April 2023

In our 4th meeting, we come together to assess what we have created so far. Each participant presents her work-in-progress and is supported to rethink, reshoot, and add further to their project.


Workshop 5: Printing and mailing your zine

20 April 2023

The 5th part of this workshop will be a session for printing and mailing the project zine, as well as sending a downloadable PDF version. This session will also plan the Tasweer 2023 pop-up exhibition. Any workshop participant can join Adriane and the Tasweer team to help finalise the zine and pop-up exhibition.

Pop-up exhibition at M7, Doha:

To mark the workshop group’s ‘graduation’, Tasweer will work with Adriane to create a pop-up exhibition of the group’s zine, which will be open for public viewing in the closing week of Tasweer’s 2023 festival, in M7, from 13 – 20 May 2023.

About Adriane de Souza:

Adriane de Souza is a Brazilian photographer currently based in Doha, Qatar. She received her BA degree in Social Sciences from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Years later, she shifted to photography as a way of self-liberation, research, and to further understand human interactions and emotions. She is currently undertaking her MFA in interdisciplinary Design Studies at VCUQ. Adriane has been selected by Adobe as a part of Adobe Rising Stars in 2019, featured in PH Museum Mobile Photography Book. She won second place and was book cover for Photos from the Arab World by Jotun, and third place in the single image category on Lens Culture Journeys 2020. She was also part of the jury of the Single Image Awards at Tasweer Photo Festival 2021. Adriane works as a facilitator in several educational projects, reflecting on freedom and encouraging others to search for their path through photography.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous cultural venues internationally, including in Brazil, Qatar, Russia, UAE, and the United Kingdom. Her photographs have been commissioned and published by notable media titles including Vogue, GQ, New York Times, Der Spiegel, The Telegraph, Stern Magazine.