Wajdi Jamal Talk

Time and Space - a talk by Wajdi Jamal

Past Event

In this talk, Egyptian photographer, coach and sports commentator Wajdi Jamal will showcase his remarkable photos spanning from the 80s to the early 2000s, providing a unique perspective on Qatar's history and life. This engaging and interactive event invites the audience to share their cherished memories, fostering a wonderful opportunity for connection and registration.

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Wajdi Jamal

Wajdi Jamal, born in 1939, is more than just a talented Egyptian photographer; he is a visual historian who skillfully captured the essence of Qatar's rich past through his lens.

Beyond photography, he was a celebrated football coach for many Qataris clubs who represented Qatar in international sports events, contributing to the Qatar’s sporting achievements on a global stage. Wajdi's versatile talents extend to journalism, where he provided insightful commentaries on sports and social issues for newspapers.

His life's work stands as a testament to his passion for capturing moments and contributing to Qatar's sporting and cultural legacy.