The Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Award

The Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Award is an annual grant award for photographers residing in the Western Asia and North Africa region.

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The Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Awardees receive a grant award of 30,000 QAR to support the development or initiation of their in-development or new photographic project. Proposals for the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Awards are jury-selected.

As an award winner, you will be invited to work with Tasweer’s curatorial team to:

  • Exhibit your award-winning project as part of the Tasweer exhibition programme.
  • Have your award-winning project published in a free magazine dedicated to the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Awards.
  • Present your work – in-person or online – as part of Tasweer’s events programme.
  • Be interviewed by a Tasweer curator for an English and Arabic language long-form text about you and your photographic practice.
The Open Call is currently closed.

2022 Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Awardees were announced in March 2022.

2022 Award Winners

Submission requirements:

Up to 20 image files in jpeg, tiff and png format, each image not less than 2 megabytes. Each image filename to be formatted with your last name _ title of the artwork_image number. The numbers at the end of the file names should be consecutive e.g.



Your artist biography (150 words maximum)

Your artist statement for the photographic project that you are submitting as part of your award application (250 words maximum) Your proposal for how you intend to use the Sheikh Saoud Al Thani Project Award grant to develop or initiate your in-development or new photographic project (300 words maximum).

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